This page establishes the 'Terms and Conditions' under which the User uses this Website owned by


The access and / or use of the website attributes to whoever accesses the condition of User (this being understood as all natural or legal persons or entities of any nature that access this Website for any reason), accepting, from that moment, fully and without reservation, the present terms and conditions as well as the particular conditions that complement, modify or substitute the general conditions, when this happens, in relation to all the services and contents of the website.

SINDAMANOY may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Therefore, the User must visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

To facilitate the understanding of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the SINDAMANOY website, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the following words:

to). Contents They involve all forms of information or data that are disclosed on the website, among which are, among others: texts, images, photos, logos, designs, animations.

b) Intellectual Property Rights. They make reference to all the property rights of the information of SINDAMANOY or any person who is a legitimate owner, such as: distinctive signs, brands, slogans, banners, logos, domain names, databases, designs, contents or any other work or intellectual creation linked to the purpose, operation or performance of the SINDAMANOY website.

c) Forum. Automated message service, often moderated by an owner, through which subscribers receive messages left by other subscribers for a given topic. The messages are sent by email.

d) Internet. Communication tool with tens of thousands of computer networks linked by the TCP / IP protocol. On this network you can use multiple services such as emails, www, etc.

e) Website. Result in hypertext or hypermedia that a navigator of the www provides after obtaining the information requested. Its content can range from a short text to a voluminous set of texts, static or moving graphics, sound, etc.

F). To post. Make a document visible from the Institutional Website.

g). Services. These are the online aids that SINDAMANOY currently provides or plans to provide to users in the future, through this website, such as publication of news or activities related to institutional management; online procedures; consultations; forums and mailbox for complaints and claims, among others.

h). User. Is the person who enters the web page of SINDAMANOY to search or consult information of interest; to register in case you need to complete a procedure or receive a service from SINDAMANOY; or to file a complaint through the use of the Complaints and Claims mailbox, created for this purpose.

i). Link. Link in English. Hypertext pointers that are used to jump from one information to another, or from one web server to another, when browsing the Internet.

2. Acceptance of Terms

It is presumed that when a user accesses the website of SINDAMANOY he does so under his full responsibility and that, therefore, he fully and unreservedly accepts the content of the terms and conditions of use of the website. SINDAMANOY reserves the right to update and modify at any time and in any way, these terms of use and the contents of the page, whether for attention of legislative, regulatory or jurisprudential news, internal policies, or for any other reason or circumstance, which will be informed and made known in a timely manner, through publication on the same page; For this reason, the owner of personal data is recommended to check it regularly to make sure that he has read the most updated version.

3. Industrial Property and Copyright

The trademarks, logos, commercial slogans and other distinctive signs used on this SINDAMANOY web page are owned by and from its licensors and therefore, its reproduction or use is prohibited without the express authorization of SINDAMANOY.

Likewise, the information, content, reports, data, databases, graphics, interfaces, Web pages, texts, files, software, photographs, illustrations, graphic design used on this page are the property of SINDAMANOY and / or licensors. as the case may be, and are protected by the regulations in force regarding copyright. Consequently, the content may not be modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed or used in any way by the User, unless SINDAMANOY grants prior and express authorization. Any modification or total or partial reproduction of the contents of this website without the express written consent of SINDAMANOY constitutes a violation of copyright.

No content on this website owned by SINDAMANOY may be construed as granting or granting any title of authorizations, licenses or any other right to use or dispose of any form of Industrial Property and Copyright right, unless authorized. by SINDAMANOY.

4. Limitation of liability of SINDAMANOY

SINDAMANOY assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage, including but not limited to damages or losses caused by any use of (or inability to use) the portals, use of (or inability to use) any portal to which the User makes' hyperlink '(hyperlink) from our portals, running performance failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line failure. Under the terms set forth herein, the use of the Website will be made under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User. Said liability shall extend to the use, by the user or any third party, of any password or similar assigned for accessing the Website or any of its services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SINDAMANOY reserves the right to deny access to the Website at any time and without prior notice, to those users who fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

Based on Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 "Whereby general provisions for the protection of personal data are issued" and Decree 1377 of 2013 "By which Part 1581 of 2012 is partially regulated" SINDAMANOY, as responsible for the treatment of personal data of others, has adopted the policies and procedures to guarantee the right that people have to know, update and rectify the information that has been registered about them in databases and / or files of SINDAMANOY.

SINDAMANOY assumes no responsibility for the information provided on the website, including but not limited to, the reference to notes of interest, opinions, concepts, events, regulations, etc. This website is provided on the basis of 'as is' and 'as is available' and as a result, SINDAMANOY does not grant guarantees of any kind, either expressly or tacitly or otherwise. Therefore, SINDAMANOY is not responsible for any interruption in the service of this website, inaccuracy, error, inaccuracy that will come to be presented in the content of it.

Neither SINDAMANOY nor any other party that participates in the creation, production or delivery of this website will be responsible for maintaining the material and services made available on this website or for providing corrections, updates or versions related to it. SINDAMANOY may unilaterally and without prior notice modify the content whenever it deems appropriate, the structure and design, as well as modify or eliminate the services, contents and conditions of access and / or use of the Website.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the contents contributed by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of the third parties that contributed the document, and therefore SINDAMANOY does not respond in any way for its content or any violation that may arise from the publication of said content.

5. Linked Web Sites

This website may contain links to other websites, which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by SINDAMANOY. SINDAMANOY will not be responsible for the contents, materials, actions and / or services provided by them, nor for damages or losses caused by the use thereof, whether directly or indirectly caused. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, support of SINDAMANOY to such sites and their contents.

6. Data and information provided by the user

The data and personal information that the website can collect during the normal use of it will be used to control the use and subsequent development of the website. SINDAMANOY will not disclose to third parties your name, address, email address or telephone number without your consent expressed through the different tools or systems provided on the website, and in the data protection policy except to the extent that is necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or legal processes or procedures in which such information is relevant.

7. User's responsibility

The User will answer directly for all the information that he / she provides and / or includes in this Web page, and therefore, SINDAMANOY will not answer about its content.

Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to the User to perform any of the following behaviors: (i) include material on the SINDAMANOY website owned by third parties, unless they have obtained prior and express authorization from the author and / or owner of the economic rights about said material, previously accrediting it before the instances responsible for the management of the CLUB page; (ii) include in the SINDAMANOY web page any information that may come to be considered as an industrial or commercial secret of a third party, unless it has obtained prior and express authorization to use it by previously accrediting it before the instances responsible for the management of the CLUB page ; (iii) include any information that is obscene, abusive, or contrary to SINDAMANOY's policies; (v) include pornographic images or statements or that include explicit sex; (vi) include advertising or advertisements without prior authorization from SINDAMANOY, or any link or software tool that has the purpose or effect of altering, interfering, or appropriating any information contained in the Web page.

SINDAMANOY does not grant any guarantee, express or implicit, about the veracity, accuracy or reliability of the information included in the website by users. Likewise SINDAMANOY declares that the opinions expressed by the users only bind the corresponding User and do not commit in any way to the SINDAMANOY. The User acknowledges and declares that the material included in the Website will be done at his own risk.

SINDAMANOY acts as a medium for the distribution and publication on the Internet of information presented by Users and has no obligation to review such information in advance. Therefore, it is not responsible for the information provided by Third Parties or by Users that is published on its website.

SINDAMANOY reserves the right to expel users or to prohibit their future access to the Website for violation of these terms and conditions or applicable law. Likewise SINDAMANOY reserves the right to remove from the Website information presented or included by a user, when it considers it appropriate or necessary in its sole discretion.

8. Password management

If SINDAMANOY grants a password to the User to access a non-public area of this website, the User undertakes to keep this password secret and for its exclusive use, and therefore, may not disclose it to third parties or use it for non-public purposes. authorized. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password. The User will be responsible for all uses of his / her website registration. The User agrees to notify SINDAMANOY immediately of any unauthorized use of their registration and password.

10. Miscellaneous provisions

Access to this website from a place located outside the territory of the Republic of Colombia, will be done at the user's own risk. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Colombia. The jurisdiction for any claim arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively that of the courts and judges of the Republic of Colombia.

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